Revoke tokens with Multi-sig

This guide assumes a 2/2 multi-sig threshold. In scenarios with more than 2 signers as the minimum threshold, steps for "Signer #2" need to be replicated until all signers have approved.

Part 1 - Revoking a schedule

Step 1. Navigate to the main VTVL dashboard (
Step 2. Click on the Contracts tab and find the schedule name that needs to be revoked. If you have more than one contract, make sure to select the right contract.
Step 3. Signer #1 (of multi-sig) will initiate the revocation by clicking Revoke on the appropriate recipient's schedule and sign the transaction using their wallet.
Step 4. Once Signer #1 has successfully signed the revoke transaction, Signer #2 should navigate to the same vesting schedule by repeating Steps 1-3 above and complete the revocation by clicking Revoke and signing the transaction using their wallet.
Multi-sig signers can also approve and execute transactions directly from the SAFE app under theTransactions tab.
If you have multiple recipients in the vesting schedule, you will need to sign a revoke transaction for each recipient.
Once all multi-sig signers have approved the revoke transaction, the revocation process will be complete.

Part 2 - Withdrawing revoked tokens

Step 1. After successfully revoking the schedule, click on the Contracts tab on the sidebar.
Step 2. Click View Contract for the vesting contract that contained the vesting schedule you just revoked.
Step 3. You should now see a banner stating you have unallocated tokens.
Step 4. Click Withdraw - Signer #1 (of multi-sig) should sign the transaction using their wallet.
Step 5. Signer #2 (of multi-sig) should navigate to the Dashboard tab. Under "Pending Actions", Signer #2 should see the option to Approve & Execute.
Step 6. After all signers have approved the withdrawal transaction, the revoked tokens should now be back in the custody of your multi-sig wallet.
You should now have all revoked tokens back in your multi-sig wallet. ✔️