Deploy vesting schedules

You've done most of the legwork now and you're nearly there to getting these vesting schedules live on the blockchain.

For contracts using Safe multi-sig as an admin, read here to learn how to deploy your vesting schedules!

Deploying schedules with an EOA wallet

Remember to ensure your contract has been successfully funded and your schedule parameters are correct before proceeding.

Step 1. On your dashboard, you should see Deploy schedule under Pending Actions next to your schedule. Click that and approve the transaction on your wallet pop-up!

🎉 Voila, all deployed!

Bulk deploying schedules

👉🏻 If you have a lot of schedules that are ready to deploy, try our bulk deploy feature instead.

Step 1. Navigate to the Vesting schedule tab

Step 2. Tick the checkbox next to the schedules that you'd like to deploy. Tip: tick the upper left checkbox in the table to select all rows in one click 🤫

Step 3. Click Batch transactions in the bottom right and approve the transaction on your wallet pop-up.

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