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With VTVL, our platform serves both issuers and token recipients! Whether you have one or many vesting schedules, you can view your schedule(s) real-time status and claim. Ready to claim your tokens?

Note: We highly recommend you to use a laptop/computer when accessing your claims portal for a more seamless experience!

First-time users

Step 1. Look for the email in your inbox from VTVL titled 'Join VTVL'

Step 2. Click on the magic link ✨ (PS: This is only valid once!)

Step 3. Confirm your account details

Make sure you're connected to the right chain and wallet address that you provided to the issuer.

Step 4. Import the token into your wallet by clicking Import token to your wallet. Approve the transaction on your wallet pop-up (only applicable for Metamask!)

Step 5. Click Claims Portal in the left sidebar to view your tokens.

🎉 Well done, you're now ready to claim tokens!

Returning users

Step 1. Go to

Step 2: Input your email address and click Continue

Step 3. Click on the magic link ✨ in your inbox (PS: This is a one-time only link!)

You're in the dashboard!

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