Setup a new Safe multisig

Always wanted a multisig Safe but never got around to it? No worries, we got you.

Safe multisig is a smart contract wallet that requires a minimum number of people to approve blockchain transactions before they can occur. Read more about Safe here.

Make sure to have the wallet addresses for each owner that can approve transactions.

Setup your Safe

Step 1. On the Setup your Safe page, click on Create new Safe.

Step 2. Add the organisation name then add the names of each person authorised to approve transactions and their wallet address in the owner name and owner address fields.

Step 3. Indicate the minimum number of people who need to authorise transactions by selecting the number from the How many people should authorise transactions drop down.

Note that the number you select here will affect all future transactions. For example, if there are three owners in your organisation and you indicate that two of the three must authorise transactions, then any transaction with the blockchain will need approval from two of the three owners.

Step 4. Confirm your inputs and click on Sign and authorise. Follow your wallet provider's prompts to authorise the transaction. Once the transaction is successfully complete you'll be directed to the Founder dashboard where you can mint or import tokens for your project.

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