Claim tokens

How to access your dashboard and claim tokens
With VTVL, our platform serves both project founders and token recipients! Whether you have one or many vesting schedules, you can view your schedule's real-time status and claim eligible tokens in seconds.
If this is your first time claiming a project's tokens into your wallet, click on "Import token into your wallet" to speed up the process of importing the token.
Here's a breakdown of the different details:
  • Your total allocation: Total number of tokens that you're entitled to throughout the entire vesting period
  • Vesting progress bar: Indicates the length of time you've vested so far and the number of days left until the end of your vesting
  • Total vested: Tokens that have been unlocked to-date
  • Claimable: Tokens that are ready to be claimed
  • Remaining: Tokens that are unvested
  • Start / end date: The full duration of your entire vesting