With Safe multi-sig as admin

Once the multi-sig admin vesting contract has been deployed, all interactions with the blockchain will now require the minimum threshold of signers before it can be successfully deployed.

After you've configured all the schedule parameters, you're now ready to deploy the schedules live to the blockchain!

⚠️ Remember that you need to ensure the contract has been funded with tokens before you can deploy the schedules.

Step 1. Once the contract has been funded, signer #1 should click Deploy schedule under Pending Actions on Dashboard and approve the transaction on your wallet pop-up. The status should then change to 'Waiting approval'.

Step 2. Once the other signer(s) of your Safe log into their account on VTVL, they should click on the Approve and Execute button under Pending Actions on their dashboard to successfully execute the transaction.

If your Safe consists of more than 2 signers as the minimum threshold, note that only the final signer will see 'Approve and Execute'. The rest should only be able to 'Approve'.

🎉 Congrats, you’ve deployed your schedules!

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