Create your vesting contract

What is a vesting contract?

The vesting contract is not to be confused with the vesting schedules that you've customised. You can think of the vesting contract as the smart contract 'shell' that needs to be deployed to 'house' the vesting schedules you've created.
Our vesting contracts are built separately to the ERC-20 token contract for added security and flexibility. Don’t worry, this remains linked to the token 
You must create at least one vesting contract in order to deploy your vesting schedules. Note that recipient wallet addresses must be unique per vesting contract.

Create vesting contract

Step 1. Click on + Create and in the drop down select Create contract.
Step 2. Add a name for your contract then select Create Contract.
Under the Pending Actions section on your dashboard, click on Deploy to initiate deployment to the blockchain. All done!
Planning on using a Safe multi-sig as the admin of the vesting contract? Click on the page below to find out more.

Now, you can start creating vesting schedules.

Once the vesting contract has been created, you can setup your vesting schedules.