Revoke tokens with Etherscan

How to revoke and withdraw tokens directly from an EVM blockchain scanner using an EOA wallet.

Information required:

  1. Vesting contract address

  2. Wallet address(es) of the recipient(s) whose schedule you intend to revoke

  3. CSV of vesting schedules status to determine the amount to withdraw once revoked (provided by VTVL)

Steps to revoke:

  1. Visit the appropriate blockchain explorer for your vesting contract (eg Etherscan)

  2. Copy and paste your vesting contract address in the Search function

  3. Click on the ‘Contract’ tab followed by ‘Write Contract’

  4. Click on the revokeClaim function to expand it

  5. Key in the wallet address of the recipient whose schedule you’re going to revoke

  6. Press ‘Write’

  7. Sign the transaction on your wallet pop-up

Steps to withdraw the locked tokens:

(Dependent on which version of the contract you have deployed with us, the following steps may be different)

if V1:

  1. Once you’ve successfully revoked the schedule, click on the withdrawAdmin function to expand it

  2. Key in the amount of tokens you’d like to withdraw (refer to the CSV sheet VTVL has provided for an accurate amount)

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